Monday, January 3, 2011

SAW (Movie)

SAW till now got 7 series.
I just finish watching it to fill up my free time during my annual leave.
Is a good movie.
But you will feel pain when you watch the movie.
The actor and actress face a lot challenges.
Which cause them lost a part of their body.
In order to survive through the game.
Is quite meaningful in order sense.
A clear message to send out to society is to value their life.
Beside all those horror scene.
Is a motivation to people to over come ever obstacle in order to remain alive.
That is nothing more important than that.
If you stay alive.
Then you will still have tomorrow.
And tomorrow will be your new hope.
That the main reason for continue living.
Don't easily give up.

Back to the movie.
1st and 2nd series are not bad.
Can easy understand and the plot is clear to be seen.
But from 3rd to 5th.
Is very complicated.
I am referring the plot.
Is all extend of 1st and 2nd episode.
I am almost confuse by the movie.
But moving to 6th and 7th episode.
Is back to a clear plot but still a bit complicated.
Still can be understand the overall movie.
Don't know 8th series will came out or not.
Just can wait and see.
I will share more nice movie next time. ^^

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