Monday, January 3, 2011

SAW (Movie)

SAW till now got 7 series.
I just finish watching it to fill up my free time during my annual leave.
Is a good movie.
But you will feel pain when you watch the movie.
The actor and actress face a lot challenges.
Which cause them lost a part of their body.
In order to survive through the game.
Is quite meaningful in order sense.
A clear message to send out to society is to value their life.
Beside all those horror scene.
Is a motivation to people to over come ever obstacle in order to remain alive.
That is nothing more important than that.
If you stay alive.
Then you will still have tomorrow.
And tomorrow will be your new hope.
That the main reason for continue living.
Don't easily give up.

Back to the movie.
1st and 2nd series are not bad.
Can easy understand and the plot is clear to be seen.
But from 3rd to 5th.
Is very complicated.
I am referring the plot.
Is all extend of 1st and 2nd episode.
I am almost confuse by the movie.
But moving to 6th and 7th episode.
Is back to a clear plot but still a bit complicated.
Still can be understand the overall movie.
Don't know 8th series will came out or not.
Just can wait and see.
I will share more nice movie next time. ^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Friend & Bad Friend

I am busy training my driving skill lately.
Is a very challenging and dangerous.
If you make a wrong move.
It may end up with car accident.
Now I fully understand why people say "Road is like tiger mouth".
Is a Chinese idiom.
But I realize one thing.
The different in game and reality.
The good friend and bad friend in the car.

Your good friend is accelerator.
It help you win other competitor.
And bad friend is break.
It will make you lose the game.

Your good friend is break.
It help you to prevent accident from happening.
Your bad friend is accelerator.
Even it can make you feel good when speeding.
But it can cause:
2)Kena saman
3)Petrol consumption
4)Use more money

So must always be extra careful when driving.
Rather late than sorry.

Friday, December 24, 2010

WLM7998 - My Car

These are few pictures of my car.
Still got some upgrading need to be done.
Not some special things like turbo and etc.
Is just some decoration to make the car look nicer.
Like dash board still need some special decoration.
Until the over all grading reach 10/10.
Today have my longest test drive.
And my over all grading from 3 jump to 5 out of 10.
I am quite happy as well.
Mean in the future i can drive around and go any place I want.
But now just limited to day light and good weather driving.
Haven't try out driving at night and bad weather.
I sure that will require more experience and skill.
Hopefully I no need to drive during this time.
But I know is hard to avoid.
That all for this time.
Just to let you all have a look of my car. ^^

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recent Activity

Recently I have came across this online game.
A Facebook game - City Ville.
Have been playing for more than a week.
Just to spent some extra time clicking on a game.
Rather than every time on Facebook.
Staring at the screen and don't know what to do.
For those who are interested.
Can try out.
And do add me as your neighbor.
So we can help each other out.
Or did you all have any better game to recommend to me?
In order to fill up some free time.
Share with me about the game you playing.
If I am interested I will definitely try it out.
Thanks in advance.

Back to Business

Is been few days i didn't update my blog.
I can only say is a busy week.
Having lot of presentation and some events to attend.
The most important thing is the presentation need to be present to my BOSS.
Can't simply do it.
Need to take it extremely seriously and use the right word on every idea.
Get a lot of feedback on the presentation.
And currently left one more to go.
Hope everything go very smoothly.
After the presentation is my annual leave!!!
Finally can sleep at home.
Let my mind get a good rest.
And enjoy the Christmas + New Year count down.
Is time for gathering and come out to meet each other.
Is been very long that no gathering being done.
Or else we will need to wait till Chinese New Year.
Really a lot of good events coming on soon.
And some holidays which I have waited for so long.
Hope to see you all then.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Day

Today is the most tiring day.
Need to squeeze my brain to the max.
For tomorrow presentation.
It will be evaluated by a numbers of panel.
And one of them is my head department.
I can feel the atmosphere of tomorrow already.
I sure it will be very tension.
And most of the panels are very experience staff.
So I am expecting a lot of questions on mechanism and the feasible of the idea presented.
Make me so stress and tension.
I can only feel so exhausted as I didn't think so hard for long time already.
Better get a good rest before tomorrow.
Is a tough battle ahead for tomorrow.
Good luck to myself.
Hope I am the last to present and all the member of panels are tired.
Eventually may let me go away with 0 question.
Hehehe!!! :p

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Car

Going through the busy Friday.
Making all my way to sign the loan agreement.
And now my car is just in front of my house!!!
Still a bit can't accept the fact that I own a car.
Just now drive from the car shop to my house (around 500m).
I feel so tension.
As I didn't drive for quite a long time.
Haven't taken any photo for it.
Will do that soon and show to you all.
Is a red kenari auto, aero sport edition.
My plate number is WLM 7998.
For friends who see my car next time.
You will know this is my new car.
For people who look for fortune.
You can buy and try your luck.
Win dy share a bit by treat me eat.
Lose dy...
Don't claim from me. :p
To learn back how to drive is a long process.
As experience play an important role.
Will try to master it ASAP!!!
Then come to find you all, my friend.
For gathering and all other function.
See you all then.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Headline 9/12/2010

Today I saw the headline in Oriental Daily.
It say Japanese like to stay in Malaysia due to few reasons.
Like stable economy and multi races.
For me.
I am looking for issue which related to daily living as headline.
Rather some news like that.
I am just curious why some social news have totally take over some basic living issues?
Like the water price is going to be increase in a very huge amount.
37% if I not mistaken.
I sure it will hit a lot of family and especially some industries.
As far as I know, some industries need to use a lot of water.
They used it to cool down the machine to prevent over heat.
And many more like drinks and also some hawker daily water usage.
The hike in price will only affect who in the end?
All of us.
And this will definitely increase the price of a lot items.
Recently there are a lot items increase in price.
The pressure of living is keeping going higher and higher.
So I am hoping to see what are the measurement will be taken by govt.
In order to control the price of daily needs which will be affected by the increase of water price.
But I think this issue will be moving quietly.
Same as a lot of hot issues.
Which end up not even publish in news paper.

I am back!!!

Is been awhile that I have not write anything on my blog.
Now start to settle down after the graduation (which still fresh in my mind).
Start to know more about the society and start to manage my financial more carefully.
Planning and making the best decision is very important.
As it will decide where you are in few years time.
Why best decision rather the right decision?
Right decision some times may be suit the situation.
But it might not suit you at all.
So try to do the best decision which you think it really suit YOU!!!
That is my view.
In the progress of buying a second hand car.
And start to learn how to drive.
After so many years, my driving skill start from 0 again.
Still got a lot to learn.
Hope won't scratch or bang other people car.
Hahaha!!! :P
This is all for now.
Don't worry.
I will keep on update it.
From time to time.